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Small POSTIVE acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. We realize clean air and clean water, are vital to living a healthy life. We understand what water pollution and air pollution do to our bodies, our … Continue reading

How Air in Your Home Can Be Making You Sick

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Allergies, Education, Healthy Air, Healthy Living, Your Home's Health

Indoor air. Unwittingly we take it for granted that it is safe and free of danger. Sweetwater Home Services has a passion for improving your home’s quality and your quality of life, so we mean what we say, and say … Continue reading

Get Inspired: There Is No Such Thing As Wasted Water; Only Water Wasted

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Sweetwater Home Services’s relationship with water has helped us understand how precious this natural resource is for us all. As one of the leading local businesses in the water industry, we take our passion quite seriously, including the mindfulness of … Continue reading

Remodel Your Life, Live Who You Are!

Bathroom Remodeling, Healthy Living, Your Home's Health

It’s that time of year- a New Year, a new you and a new way of looking at life with a new perspective. LIVE who you are!  Begin remodeling your life, by remodeling your bathroom. New paint, new lighting, room … Continue reading

Your Liquid Assets

Healthy Living, Water Health

The importance of practicing water daily water hydration can be practiced by drinking the body’s required amount, but not just by drinking water, but by consuming water retaining fruits and vegetables. Being mindful of your water intake improves your body … Continue reading

Flushing Your Pharmaceuticals The low down on safe disposal of your unused medications!

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It may seem smart, easy, and convenient to flush unwanted medicine down the toilet, but it also comes with a price!  How we choose to  dispose of our unused medicine is affecting our ecology! Learn more here!   Take advantage … Continue reading

The Truth Behind Water Softener Myths

Healthy Living, Product Education, Water Education

The technology behind water softening can sometimes be confusing. Many myths have been told by those not completely understanding this technology. In this month’s article Sweetwater Home Services would like to “debunk” some of these myths and separate fact from … Continue reading

Managing Your Indoor Polluted Air

Allergy Relief San Antonio TX
Allergies, Healthy Air, Healthy Living, Product Education, Weather and Air, Your Home's Health

Think your indoor air is safe? Think again! Allergens are everywhere! In Central Texas mold spores, ragweed, cedar pollen, pet dander, and juniper are a few of the many irritants that will negatively affect many people. There are three fundamental ways … Continue reading