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Category Archives: Product Education

RESIN: What does it really do?

Product Education, Water Education

Resin, resin, resin. It’s everywhere and used for a numerous amount of products and designs.  From molds that are cast out of resin, jewelry, and heck, even adhesive!  But we’re going clarify what water filtration system resin is.; what is it’s … Continue reading

Control Valve Explained: When Heart and Head Come Together

Product Education

What is the control valve on a water filtration system?  And, what does it exactly do? did you know it is a combination of two things? A great analogy it  can be compared to, would a  heart and  brain.  This month … Continue reading

The Truth Behind Water Softener Myths

Healthy Living, Product Education, Water Education

The technology behind water softening can sometimes be confusing. Many myths have been told by those not completely understanding this technology. In this month’s article Sweetwater Home Services would like to “debunk” some of these myths and separate fact from … Continue reading

Managing Your Indoor Polluted Air

Allergy Relief San Antonio TX
Allergies, Healthy Air, Healthy Living, Product Education, Weather and Air, Your Home's Health

Think your indoor air is safe? Think again! Allergens are everywhere! In Central Texas mold spores, ragweed, cedar pollen, pet dander, and juniper are a few of the many irritants that will negatively affect many people. There are three fundamental ways … Continue reading