Drinking Water System San Antonio TX

Drinking Water System Installation for Homes in San Antonio, TX & Surrounding Areas

A drinking water system is an excellent option for homeowners in San Antonio, Texas, that are tired of dealing with foul tasting tap water. At Sweetwater Home Services, we’ve provided homeowners throughout the Rio Grande Valley with water purification systems since 1987, and are proud to install quality solutions that can help them make the most out of their home’s water.

When you turn to us for a drinking water system, you can expect to receive a premium product capable of producing up to 50 gallons a day of crystal-clear, bottle-quality water. In fact, our systems can remove even the most microscopic of impurities, thanks to a multi-stage filtration process which includes:

  • An activated carbon block pre filter
  • A reverse osmosis membrane
  • A carbon block post filter

As a result of this thorough purification, the water in your San Antonio, TX, home will taste better than ever before, as well as be totally free of any unwanted odors. What’s more, since all of our products are made by an industry-leading manufacturer, you can count on them being made to the highest quality standards. To further support this, our systems are all Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association to verify that they function as advertised, and come backed by an excellent manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty. What’s more, our systems can even be rapidly uninstalled and taken with you if you ever decide to move, allowing us to say with confidence that they’re the last drinking water purification systems you’ll ever need.

To learn more about having a drinking water system installed in your San Antonio, TX, home, contact Sweetwater Home Services today.