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Remodel Your Life, Live Who You Are!

Bathroom Remodeling, Healthy Living, Your Home's Health
It’s that time of year- a New Year, a new you and a new way of looking at life with a new perspective. LIVE who you are!  Begin remodeling your life, by remodeling your bathroom. New paint, new lighting, room additions all go towards making your home more comfortable and… Read More

An Ounce of Prevention Keeps the Water Flowing

Your Home's Health
Tis the season for cold weather! As with every year, we encourage our customers to do a minimal amount of protection to ensure there are no freezing water conditions in your home. This winter season is expected to be colder than what we have typically seen. Let’s discuss different types… Read More

When Your Homes Water Pressure is Too High

Your Home's Health
It's the middle of the night when you  hear a clank, followed by a loud hiss, and it's not even dead winter. High water pressure is a major cause of leaks, pipe damage, and wasted water. While most would consider high water pressure a good issue to have, water pressure… Read More

Your Liquid Assets

Healthy Living, Water Health
The importance of practicing water daily water hydration can be practiced by drinking the body's required amount, but not just by drinking water, but by consuming water retaining fruits and vegetables. Being mindful of your water intake improves your body and mind's performance. Here we provide a great visual of… Read More

National Water Quality Month

National Community, Regional Community, Water Quality
In August, our nation proactively focuses on our nation's water quality, deeming it National Water Quality Month. It reminds us to take a long, hard look at what our household and community are doing to protect sources of fresh water. Because it is truly such an intimate part of our everyday… Read More

Flushing Your Pharmaceuticals The low down on safe disposal of your unused medications!

Global Community, Healthy Living, Local Community, National Community, Regional Community, Water Health, Water Quality
It may seem smart, easy, and convenient to flush unwanted medicine down the toilet, but it also comes with a price!  How we choose to  dispose of our unused medicine is affecting our ecology! Learn more here!   Take advantage of the  MedReturn Dropboxes in your community! Find one now! … Read More

Keeping Your Drinking Water “Certified” Pure

Water Quality
Water Filters:  Keeping it real! Drinking water safety is a top concern for our customers. Whether your concern is reducing harmful cysts, chemicals, bacteria, or simply providing better tasting water, RainSoft has designed and certified their products to meet or exceed industry standards. When it comes to the quality of… Read More

RESIN: What does it really do?

Product Education, Water Education
Resin, resin, resin. It's everywhere and used for a numerous amount of products and designs.  From molds that are cast out of resin, jewelry, and heck, even adhesive!  But we're going clarify what water filtration system resin is.; what is it's job and why it is important.  With any new investment,… Read More