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EPA studies show air quality in the average home can be 2 to 20 times dirtier than the outside air.  When you think about all the time your family spend indoors, doesn’t it make sense to give them the best quality air you can?

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An Effective Way to Clean AirDID YOU KNOW

  • Reduces airborne contaminants
  • Helps eliminate household odors
  • Leaves your air fresh and clean
  • Treats the entire house, not just one room.


How It Works:

An independent laboratory has tested and certified that the Whole House HEPA uses “TRUE” HEPA filter media – 99.97% effective down to 0.3 microns. That means the filter will capture up to 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns – that’s much smaller than a human hair (100 microns). But the unit doesn’t stop at 0.3 microns. It continues to collect even smaller particles that could become embedded in your lungs. A system of three filters captures the pollutants and allergens from your home. The pre-filter collects the largest particles while the carbon filter absorbs odors and gases. The HEPA filter captures the tiniest particles.envionmax unit closed-open with bdrop



No need to tie into existing HVAC system.  The unit is installed as an independent system in the attic. installation_blueprint


circulationThe EnviroMAX is installed in your attic and is designed to clean and filter the total volume of air in an average 2200 sq.ft. house once an hour.  Larger homes will take slightly longer for complete air change.