Hard Water San Antonio TX

Is Hard Water Making Life Difficult in Your Home in San Antonio, TX? Sweetwater Home Services Can Help

Hard water gets its name from its high mineral content. But if your home in the San Antonio, Texas, area is experiencing the effects of hard water, it’s likely that you consider your water to be “difficult” as well. Visible effects often include chalky spots on dishes after washing, a stubborn film on your shower door, and a scaly buildup on kitchen and bathroom faucets. Those issues are bad enough, but the unseen effects of water with high levels of magnesium and calcium can be far worse. The same buildup you see on your plumbing fixtures may be occurring inside your pipes – and, over time, that can lead to costly plumbing repairs and premature replacement of water-using appliances.

That’s why you’ll want to turn to Sweetwater Home Services to help you get rid of the hard water that’s troubling your home in San Antonio, TX. We’re a full-service water treatment company that’s been helping homeowners in Central Texas enjoy their water more fully since 1987, so we’re highly familiar with the types of water quality issues typically experienced in this area. Whether the hard water in your home comes from a municipal source or a private well, we’re sure to have a water softening solution that works for your particular needs. In addition, all of our water conditioning systems:

  • Are Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, so you can have confidence that they meet or exceed industry standards
  • Will be installed by our highly trained and certified technicians, so you’ll receive an expert installation that ensures the reliable performance of your hard water softening system for many years to come
  • Are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer and a three-year labor warranty, which together provide one of the highest levels of protection for your investment  that you’ll find among water conditioning companies

For more information about why Sweetwater Home Services is the best residential water treatment company to chase away the hard water in your home in San Antonio, TX, contact us today. We’ll be happy to schedule a complimentary water test at your home to help you discover what’s in your water.