#1 Best Choice Home Water Treatment Systems for Residents of San Antonio, Austin, The Rio Grande Valley & Other Nearby Areas of TX

bestchoice-logoSweetwater Home Services is mighty proud knowing we offer the best in the highly rated , by Consumer Affairs, water-treatment solutions for homeowners in  San Antonio, Austin, McAllen, throughout The Rio Grande Valley, and other nearby areas in Texas. Our team of experts can install a problem-solving filtration system, water softener, drinking water system, and other equipment in your home that will provide a wide variety of benefits for you and your loved ones to enjoy now and for years to come. Whether you are looking to protect the water-using appliances in your home, supply better than bottle-quality drinking water for your family, eliminate odors or tastes from your water, or solve any other water-related problems, our company can provide home water treatment systems needed to ensure that your water issues become a thing of the past.

As water travels from its source, through your local water treatment facility, and into the tap in your home, it can pick up a host of contaminants along the way. If left untreated, these contaminants can manifest themselves in a wide variety of negative ways, ranging from bad taste to visible particles, and more. By selecting Sweetwater Home Services to install a collection of high-quality products for your home, you can create a comprehensive home water treatment system that will address any and all problems in your water supply.

Select from these available water treatment options for your home:

  • WATER SOFTNER CONDITIONING SYSTEMS– Protect your water-using appliances, take better care of your skin and hair, and enjoy a host of everyday household activities, such as bathing, laundry, and dishes to safely remove the hardness ions of calcium and magnesium from your water   This system also effectively removes the chlorine, ammonia, and other additives from your water, improving the taste and smell of the water from your tap and providing cleaner water throughout your entire home.
  • DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS– Also known as Reverse Osmosis,  engineered for use in the kitchen, this equipment provides purified, better than bottle-quality water straight from your kitchen faucet or your refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser. The system is rated to produce up to 50 gallons of healthy water each day that can be used for drinking or cooking. Through carbon filtration, it removes chemicals from municipalities which add either chlorine or a combination of chlorine and ammonia in order to disinfect water.  These chemicals can adversely affect the taste of water
  • SYSTEMS FOR WELLS – (and Lake) Applications.  Well water is very hard. Sweetwater Home Services carries a full line of water softeners so that there is no type of hard, well water we can’t treat, caused by iron, hydrogen sulfide gas, and typical bacterial elements.


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