Water Filtration San Antonio TX

A Water Filtration System May be the Answer to Your Household Water Problems in San Antonio, TX

Even if your home in San Antonio, Texas, receives municipally treated water, a water filtration system may be needed for optimal enjoyment of this precious resource that your family drinks, bathes in, and finds a thousand critical uses for each day. That’s because public water supplies are treated to make them safe for human consumption, but they typically stop short of removing impurities that make your  water less than ideal for everyday household use.

And that’s why Sweetwater Home Services was founded, to provide the most durable, high-quality water filtration system suitable to your needs. In fact, we’ve been improving the water for households just like yours in the San Antonio, TX, area since 1987. Whether you want a better taste or smell right from the tap, or you’re tired of seeing iron stains in your sinks and tub, or you have some other problem with your water, we can install a problem-solving water filtration system to address your needs.

The first step to better water is a complimentary in-home water test. A technician from Sweetwater Home Services will come to your home at a mutually agreeable time to test the water from your tap, right in your kitchen as you watch. Then we’ll discuss the problems you’re having with your water and the test results and come up with a comprehensive water treatment solution that addresses your specific needs. In addition to problem-solving water filters designed to remove specific impurities from your water, your custom setup might include:

  • A drinking water system – Typically installed out of sight under the kitchen sink, this system can deliver up to 50 gallons of purified water straight from your tap, practically eliminating any need to buy bottled water.
  • A water softener – Also known as a water conditioner, this system addresses the water spots and film you might be seeing on dishes, kitchen counters, and bathroom tiles. It can also potentially save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs due to accelerated wear and tear on water-using appliances caused by hard water.

To learn more about a water filtration system or other water treatment solutions for your home in San Antonio, TX, or a nearby community, contact Sweetwater Home Services today.