Water Purification San Antonio TX

The Benefits of a Water Purification System for Your Home in the San Antonio, TX, Area

With a water purification system installed in your home in San Antonio, Texas, or a nearby community, you can get all the benefits of bottled water solely by turning on the tap. Just think: no more shelling out a significant chunk of your grocery budget for cumbersome jugs of purified water that you have to lug from the store to your home. With a water purifier from Sweetwater Home Services, you can have bottle-quality drinking water straight from the faucet.

If your tap water has a pungent odor or murky appearance, or even if you just want better-tasting water to drink and cook with, a water purification system from Sweetwater Home Services can be the solution you need for your home in San Antonio, TX. We’re a residential water treatment expert that’s been improving the water for homeowners in central Texas since 1987. All of our water purification systems offer the following:

  • Installation out of sight, typically under the kitchen sink
  • A three-stage filtration process that removes particles and contaminants to yield bottle-quality water, right in your home
  • Up to 50 gallons a day of delicious water that will improve the taste of beverages and prepared meals
  • Backing by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you confidence in your investment in a new water purification system
  • An installation team that’s trained by the manufacturer and certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

What’s more, we offer complimentary in-home water testing to identify the source of any problems you may be having with your water. Whether you need a water purification system, hard water conditioning, or some other solution for problem water in your home in San Antonio, TX, you’ll want to turn to Sweetwater Home Services. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary water test.