Water Purification System San Antonio TX

Enjoy Cleaner Water with a Water Purification System for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

If you’re concerned about impurities affecting your home’s water, a purification system from Sweetwater Home Services may be just what you need. We’ve served customers throughout San Antonio, Texas, and all nearby areas since 1987, and can provide your residence with a premium water purifier from one of the world’s leading home water treatment companies. Our water purifiers use an advanced three-stage purification process to ensure that the water that emerges from your kitchen sink will be as free from impurities as possible. Thanks to an activated carbon block filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and post-filter, our systems can produce up to 50 gallons of clean, bottle-quality water a day.

In addition to providing you with great tasting water that is better for drinking, cooking, and preparing drinks, there are numerous other reasons to choose a water purification system from Sweetwater Home Services. The systems we offer in San Antonio, TX:

  • Will be installed by our highly trained technicians, who are all certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Install conveniently under your kitchen sink, and can be quickly uninstalled and taken with you if you ever decide to move
  • Come backed by the strongest Limited Lifetime Warranty in the residential water treatment industry
  • Are Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and other independent organizations to ensure that they work exactly as promised

For additional information about having a sophisticated water purification system installed in your San Antonio, TX, residence, contact Sweetwater Home Services today.