Water Purifiers San Antonio TX | Austin

Water Purifiers Can Improve the Quality of Your Residential Water in San Antonio or Austin, TX

The premium water purifiers supplied by Sweetwater Home Services are ideal for homeowners in San Antonio or Austin, TX, who are tired of unusual tastes or odors in their drinking water. Our world-class drinking water purification systems are designed to remove any unusual tastes, odors, and visible particulates from your home’s potable water, and can deliver up to 50 gallons a day of this crisp, tasty water for you to use.

Whether you’re looking to install one of our water purifiers because you want to enjoy the taste of your home’s tap water, are looking to reduce the amount you spend on bottled water, would like to prepare better tasting meals and coffee, or all of the above, our systems can address your needs. Plus, when you rely on us to provide you with a new water purifier in San Antonio or Austin, TX, you will receive:

  • Professional installation – Our technicians are all extensively trained and are certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  • Personalized customer service – We offer personalized service and customer aftercare, and have a 24/7 on-call customer service hotline in case of emergencies.
  • Longtime protection – All of our water purifiers are backed by the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the industry.

For more information about how our drinking water purifiers can make your home’s water better, contact Sweetwater Home Services today. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout San Antonio and Austin, TX.