Water Softening Austin TX | San Antonio

Consider a Premium Water Softener System for Your San Antonio, Austin, TX, or Rio Grande Valley Home

A world-class water softener system from Sweetwater Home Services can help to permanently alleviate any issues caused by hard water in your San Antonio, Austin, or Rio Grande Valley, Texas, home. All of our softeners can address the water throughout your entire home, and work to ensure that you’ll never again have to worry about soap scum, dry and itchy clothing, limescale buildup inside your plumbing, or any of the other problems associated with hard water.

Our water softener systems are capable of providing such a complete solution because they remove hard water at is very source. Water is considered “hard” when it contains elevated levels of bicarbonate ions like magnesium and calcium. Our systems use a process called ion exchange to remove these offending ions and replace them with harmless sodium or potassium ions, thereby softening the water.

In fact, when we install one of our water softeners, you’ll begin to see a number of benefits right away, including:

  • Hair and skin will be free of filmy residue after bathing
  • Laundered clothes will appear brighter and feel softer to the touch
  • Water spots will no longer form on dishes or glassware
  • Soap scum and limescale buildup will no longer form on sinks, drains, or inside plumbing
  • And more

Best of all, every water softener system we offer comes backed by an industry-best Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring that your new softener will be the last your home will ever need.

For additional information about buying a water softener system from Sweetwater Home Services, contact us today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley, TX.