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No More Scaly Residue with a Water Conditioner for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

A water conditioner can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your freshly washed clothes, dishes, and even your hair and skin if you live in San Antonio, Texas, or a neighboring community. That’s because the minerals often found in water that serves homes in this part of the state can leave a scaly residue that not only affects your clothes and dishes but often leaves unsightly, hard-to-scrub spots on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

The adverse effects of hard water don’t stop there, however. There’s a far more serious reason to consider investing in a water conditioner for your home in San Antonio, TX. Over time, the same minerals – typically calcium and magnesium – that cause those stubborn stains on glassware and counters can build up in the pipes that feed your water-using appliances. This can lead to costly repairs or premature replacement of appliances, as well as low water pressure throughout your house caused by scaly clogs in your plumbing. A water conditioner system solves this problem by adding sodium or potassium to your water to neutralize the harmful minerals.

That may sound like a simple fix, but the results you see in your home will be dramatic. Here are only a few of the benefits you’ll notice immediately after your water conditioner system is installed:

  • Vibrant-colored clothes that are soft to the touch after laundering
  • Glassware and dishes that are spot-free after the rinse cycle
  • Zestier lather from soap and shampoo when you take a shower
  • Hair and skin that’s soft and luxurious after washing

Sweetwater Home Services has been helping homeowners in south central Texas experience these dramatic results since 1987. In addition to our water conditioner systems, we have water filtration and purification systems available so that we’re able to help you solve any problems you’re having with your water.

For more information about a water conditioner system for your home in San Antonio, TX, contact Sweetwater Home Services today. We’ll be happy to schedule a complimentary in-home water test to determine the best solution for the problems you’re experiencing with the water in your home.

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