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Invest in a Professionally Installed Water Softener System for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

Many homeowners in the San Antonio, Texas, area find themselves dealing with problems caused by hard water flowing through the pipes in their homes. This is because of the high dissolved mineral content in the water that comes from the underground aquifer, which serves as the primary source of drinking water in this region. Although this water is safe to drink, it is often far from ideal for home use, including cleaning and bathing. It can also lead to plumbing problems and the premature breakdown of water-using appliances. Thus, there’s little wonder that you’re considering investing in a water softener system for your home.

What to Look for in a Home Water Softener System

Trained Installers

Unless you’re highly experienced in working with plumbing, it’s best to choose a product that will be professionally installed by technicians who have been trained to install water softener systems. Mistakes can be costly, and some homeowners have flooded their homes or damaged their brand-new water softener system because of improper installation methods. A trained technician will be able to evaluate the specifics of your home, including the location of the water heater and other factors, so as to choose the best place to properly install your water softener.

Sweetwater Home Services has been providing residential water softener installations in this area since 1987. All of our installers are certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which means you can have confidence in their expertise.

A Premium Product

It’s also important to choose a top-caliber system you can count on to provide the water-conditioning results you need. Sweetwater Home Services installs leading water softener systems that have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, so you’ll know that you’re receiving a high-quality product that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Exceptional Warranties

When you have a water softener system installed in your home by Sweetwater Home Services, you’ll receive a lifetime product warranty and a three-year labor warranty, which add up to an exceptional level of protection for your investment.

Sweetwater Home Services will be happy to help you enjoy all the benefits of a reliable water softener system for your San Antonio home! Contact us today for more information.

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