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Can Hard Water Thin Your Hair?

A quick internet search will turn up many websites claiming that repeatedly washing your hair in hard water will cause hair loss or hair thinning. This is a claim that has not been substantiated by government researchers, who, in fact, found the opposite to be true. A 2013 study published by the National Institutes for Health compared the tensile strength and elasticity of hair samples immersed in either hard water or distilled water for 30 days. The results? No statistically significant difference, meaning there’s no evidence that hard water directly causes hair loss or thinning.

However, this doesn’t mean that hard water doesn’t contribute to hair damage. Hard water has high concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium, which can interfere with the effectiveness of shampoo and other hair cleansing products. What’s more, just as hard water deposits a scaly residue on faucets and glassware, it can leave behind a similar buildup of minerals on your hair after rinsing. This can cause your hair to look dull, and it can lead to fading or discoloration of color-treated hair.

More Serious Effects of Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water is a fact of life that many Central Texas homeowners must deal with. The groundwater that supplies most of the homes in this region has an exceptionally high hardness level. Because hard water is considered safe to drink and bathe in, the dissolved minerals that cause it are not removed during municipal treatment. Therefore, it’s up to each homeowner to address the problems caused by hard water. These typically include:

  • Lime scale buildup in plumbing, which can lead to low water pressure and the potential need for repairs or replacement
  • Excessive wear and tear on water-using appliances, such as water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffeemakers, and even the icemakers in refrigerators
  • Premature fading and other damage to clothing that’s laundered in hard water, thus leading to the need for replacement

What You Can Do About It

The best way to banish hard water from your home is to invest in a reliable water softening system that’s been proven effective. Sweetwater Home Services has been expertly installing industry-leading water softeners and other home water treatment systems in homes in Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley for many years. Contact us today to schedule a free water test at your home in this area and find out which of our water softening solutions is the best fit for your home.

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