Think your indoor air is safe? Think again! Allergens are everywhere! In Central Texas mold spores, ragweed, cedar pollen, pet dander, and juniper are a few of the many irritants that will negatively affect many people. There are three fundamental ways of treating allergies.

  • AVOIDANCE: If allergens can be avoided, symptoms will not occur. Unfortunately, you can’t just stay inside.Due to improved energy efficient construction methods, indoor air quality can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air quality. This is primarily due to allergens being trapped inside. Most central air units do not filter small enough to reduce these allergens so they build up with every opening of a door.
  • MEDICATION: Many medications are available for controlling allergic symptoms. Prescription nasal sprays, lung inhalers, and oral medications may temporarily relieve symptoms.
  • ALLERGY SHOTS (Immunotherapy) The injection of increasingly stronger concentrations of specific allergens can lead to a gradual reduction in allergic symptoms.


Sweetwater Home Services offers a whole home HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrestor), air purifier which filters the air down to .3 microns removing allergens, as well as airborne bacteria. While this will not cure allergies, it will provide a “safe haven” in your home where airborne particulates are reduced well below limits of irritation for most people.

Considering ½ of your time is spent indoors, it just makes good allergy sense to “condition” the air in your home beyond just cool or warm. Reduce allergens with a whole home HEPA Purifier


sleep and breath easier.