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Choosing the Right Water Softener for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

Hard water is so prevalent in the San Antonio area that having a home water softener is practically as common as having a water sprinkler system. In fact, this part of Texas is such a hot market for water softeners that homeowners may feel overwhelmed by the many products being advertised. What should you look for when shopping for a water softening system? Are all such water treatments pretty much the same? Should you try to save money and purchase a DIY product?

How Does a Home Water Softener Work?

Most water softening systems use a process called ion exchange. Hard water is caused by high concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium. So, the solution is to reduce the presence of those minerals by substituting something else – typically sodium, but some water treatment companies offer alternatives to homeowners who want to avoid adding salt to their water. However, just because most water softeners use the same general process doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Just as with other home improvement products, the quality of the materials used in construction and whether your water softener is properly installed can affect its ability to deliver the luxuriously conditioned water you want for your home.

How Can You Tell Which Water Softener Is Best for Your Home?

The experts at Sweetwater Home Services are specially trained to help customers select the best home water softener for their specific circumstances, including household water usage, desires for energy efficiency, and other factors. We offer only high-quality water conditioning systems that are certified as effective by the Water Quality Association and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What’s more, all of our highly trained installers are certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or they have a journeyman or master plumber’s license. This is important, not only because an improperly installed water softener is unlikely to perform as advertised, but also because unskilled installers could make mistakes that lead to plumbing leaks and potentially to water damage in your home.

If you live in the San Antonio area and you’re in the market for a home water softener, contact Sweetwater Home Services today to schedule a free in-home consultation at your convenience.

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