Sweetwater Home Services’s relationship with water has helped us understand how precious this natural resource is for us all. As one of the leading local businesses in the water industry, we take our passion quite seriously, including the mindfulness of water usage. This is the premise to our educational consultations we offer. We help you understand the importance of quality water in your everyday use. As a company devoted to water, and the quality we offer on improving your water, shouldn’t there be a value placed on the practice of mindfulness when it comes to the usage of our limited water resources?

world-water-day-map-hd-desktop editedWhat it means to celebrate World Water Day.  Why is it so important to take a day to recognize water?   What if we didn’t have water? World Water Day celebrations in 2017 will highlight the theme Waste Water. Climate change, population growth and economic development demand for sustainable solutions to make the world future-proof.

It is a great time to be conscious of how much water we use every day, and recognize how fortunate we are to have it at our disposal. However, to gain a better understanding of these questions, we must really put some thought into the role it has in our everyday life, beyond the simplicity of quenching our thirst.  And by understanding how much it goes beyond this simple intent, you just might get inspired to make that difference in how we also play a personal role in our day-to-day choices of water usage.

Water touches our lives- in what we cook, what we grow to eat, what we use to drink, to water and feed our livestock, to hydrate our bodies, to bath in; the list is endless!

Understandably, in the hustle and bustle of our everyday demands, we often find ourselves in the mindset of automation, forgetting and easily taking for granted how good we have it presently. Take a look at the averages of the water we use in our typical everyday life here > Water Usage 2017

So if you mark World Water Day every year, you can do so by recognizing the vital – and largely underappreciated – role water has in our lives, and reflect on how important it is that we continue to work to ensure that someday our future generations are able to take advantage of this important resource in the same ways we enjoy today. 

Globally, we are all beginning to become aware of our effects on the ecological system. More and more companies are taking responsibility to do their part in the participation of important causes.  We, at Sweetwater Home Services, advocate for clean water, and a quality of life that is sustainable for us presently and for our future generations.

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