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Water Softener Systems & Other Reliable Water Quality Solutions for Homeowners in Austin, TX & Surrounding Communities

A water softener may be just what you need for your home in Austin, Texas, or a neighboring community if you’re seeing stubborn water spots on your glassware after washing or a hard-to-scrub film on your shower door. Those are some of the obvious signs that hard water is present in a home. If hard water has been flowing through your plumbing for some time, though, you may also experience low water pressure because of limescale buildup in the pipes. This could eventually lead to the need for costly repairs, so you’re wise to look into options for having a water softener system installed.

But why stop there? Even if your home in the Austin, TX, area receives water from a municipal source, there can be impurities in the water that make it less than ideal for drinking, cooking, and other everyday uses. Municipally treated water is intended to ensure that the water supply is safe to drink and bathe in – it won’t necessarily address issues of odor, taste, and water hardness. If your family depends on a private well for its water supply, there may also be impurities in your water that won’t be addressed by a water softener alone. That’s why you’ll want to turn to a highly experienced, full-service residential water treatment company with a wide range of solutions to the types of water quality issues typically experienced by homeowners in this area.

Sweetwater Home Services has been helping homeowners find solutions to a variety of water quality issues in Central Texas since 1987. We provide expert installation of top-quality water softener systems and other water treatment systems from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our water softener systems and other products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, as well as a three-year labor warranty, providing you with outstanding protection of your investment.

We also help homeowners in Austin, TX, and surrounding communities discover what’s in their water by offering complimentary in-home water tests. To find out whether your home could benefit from a water softener or some other system available from Sweetwater Home Services, contact us today to schedule a water test in your home at your convenience.

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