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Installing the Best Whole-House Water Filtration Systems for New Braunfels, TX, Homeowners

Home Water Filtration New Braunfels TX

When’s the last time you’ve considered the quality of the water supply at your New Braunfels, Texas, home? If the answer ranges from “it’s been a while” to “never,” give Sweetwater Home Services a call. We’d be happy to visit your home to provide a free water test that will gauge the purity of your home’s supply. The results of this test will give us a chance to recommend the best whole-house water filtration solution to meet your needs, as we have done for countless homeowners throughout the Central Texas area since 1987. Our goal is to provide you with cleaner and safer water to drink, bathe in, and cook and clean with. Who doesn’t want that?

Why Whole-House Water Filtration Systems Are Necessary in Texas

As a New Braunfels resident, you’re likely to get your water from the Guadalupe River, Edwards Aquifer wells, and the Trinity Aquifer. As this water flows through the aquifers in particular, it can collect deposits of hard minerals. This, in turn, can lead to hard water. While not technically unsafe, hard water can be an unpleasant reality for you and your family. If you’ve noticed reduced effectiveness of soaps and detergents, soap scum between your fingers after washing your hands, or scale buildup on pipes and water-using appliances, you likely have a hard water problem.

While hard minerals are prevalent in the New Braunfels water supply, they aren’t the only contaminants that can affect the cleanliness and purity of your water. However, these problems aren’t ones you have to live with. Rather, by investing in a whole-house water filtration system, you can purify your home’s water supply and enjoy cleaner, fresher water in no time.

Whole-House Water Filtration vs. Water Softeners

Whole-house water filtration systems have a similar purpose to water softeners, but they both go about completing it in slightly different ways. Whole-house water filtration involves filtering contaminants out of the water you use to drink, clean, and bathe with. A water softener addresses hard water through ion exchange. These systems remove hard minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water supply while replacing them with softer ones, such as potassium and sodium. The right option for your home will depend on your home’s needs, but that’s where the experts at Sweetwater Home Services come in.

Offering a Variety of Whole-House Water Filtration Solutions

When you turn to Sweetwater Home Services for your home water filtration needs, you’ll find that we have a wide range of options to choose from. We recommend investing in the one that your home’s water test determines is the best solution, but you’ll have the chance to choose from the following systems:

  • Under-sink drinking water filters – Whether you want to go green or you’re just tired of spending money on bottled water, an under-sink water filter would be a smart addition to your home. Refreshing, purified water readily available whenever you want it? Yes please!
  • Whole-house water filters – If your water test determines that your home’s tap water has high amounts of dissolved sulfur, iron, or manganese, it’s smart to invest in a whole-house water filter that will strain them out.
  • Whole-house water softeners – Hard water isn’t a dangerous problem to have, but it’s certainly not ideal. Having a water softener installed will lead to water that is better for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and bathing.

Partner With the Experts Today

Whether you think you need a new whole-house water filtration system or not, it certainly can’t hurt to have us provide a free water test at your New Braunfels, TX, home. Contact Sweetwater Home Services today to schedule your appointment and discuss any questions you may have about our systems or your home’s water supply.

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