Indoor air. Unwittingly we take it for granted that it is safe and free of danger. Sweetwater Home Services has a passion for improving your home’s quality and your quality of life, so we mean what we say, and say what we mean! Life gets busy, and preoccupied, so how can something that is always there and free become a hazard in our protected sanctuary and abode?  Easily, when you take into account all the factors of what makes up our indoor air quality.

Did you know indoor air can be 2 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air? Here is the evidence; the list is longer than you might realize beginning with: everyday cleaning products, pesticides, building materials e.i., paint, new flooring, treated wood, dye’s from new furniture, permanent markers. These are products which emit VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds).  Aside from the chemical bombardments in our home, there are others factors infiltrating your indoor air. Dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, outside pollen clinging to clothes, shoes, and other objects, and yes, even our own dried skin flakes.

So let’s entertain the thought, how much can we do ourselves to take some of the responsibility independently? First, takes steps on educating yourself on the unknown hazards of indoor air pollution. The EPA has 5 Indoor Air Quality Categories and areas of concern, in which it offers to the public and businesses, the opportunity to become educated and aware. Interested? Great! Watch below!


EPA has 5 Indoor Air Quality Categories


Second, assess your home’s indoor air quality.  Download the Indoor Air Quality Audit Checklist,  for free to help you assess your home.  This can help you know which steps to begin taking to create better air quality. You can also visit, My Health, My Home, and take a free online survey.

Once you’ve completed assessing your home. Take the next step.  Begin making the switch to chemicals that offer environmentally conscious ingredients. Sweetwater Home Services has partnered with Pure-N-Gentle,  a cleaning product company focused on harm-free ingredients.  Our customers who purchase a Whole Home Water Purifier have the added bonus of receiving Pure-N-Gentle products for free.

Lastly, look into investing in an air-purification whole home system.  Sweetwater Home Services offers the best in Whole-House Air Purification. Visit our website page: EnviroMax , and contact us to help you empower you into taking action on improving your home’s indoor air quality

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