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How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Many of the stains that make homeowners wince after rinsing their countertops, faucets, and dishes are caused by mineral deposits left behind by hard water. These are typically filmy, light-colored spots that are hard to scrub away. This problem is especially prevalent in the San Antonio, Texas, area, where the residential water supply typically records some of the highest water hardness levels in the nation. Water hardness refers to high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, which, although safe to drink and bathe in, can cause many types of problems for homeowners. Additionally, some homeowners find themselves dealing with unsightly rust-colored stains on clothes, sinks, and toilets. Technically, these blemishes are caused by high concentrations of iron in the water, not hard water. However, experts often recommend similar approaches to dealing with them.

A common home remedy for hard water stains is to soak the discolored area in a mixture of vinegar and water for up to 15 minutes, so that the vinegar can break down the mineral deposit and make it easier to clean. However, you may need to use an old toothbrush and scrub vigorously to remove the stain. For iron discoloration on clothing, some experts recommend using a mixture of salt and vinegar. For iron deposits in sinks, toilets, and tubs, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda is often recommended. And, of course, there are numerous commercial cleaning products that promise to eliminate hard water and iron stains.

A Better Solution

At Sweetwater Home Services, we’ve been helping homeowners tackle water quality problems in this region since 1987. We know that most homeowners don’t have the desire or the time to create cleaning concoctions and resort to high-energy scrubbing to get rid of hard water and iron stains. And many don’t want to shell out their hard-earned cash for expensive commercial cleaning products that will take up precious storage space.

We offer an array of industry-leading water softening and water filtration systems that will make these unsightly mineral stains a bad memory—if you ever think about them again at all.

Do you have questions about what’s in your water that’s causing you grief? We’ll be glad to conduct a free in-home water test at your San Antonio-area home that will reveal the impurities in your water. Then we can help you choose the best water treatment solutions to solve your water woes for good. Contact Sweetwater Home Services today for more information.

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