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Why You Should Invest in a Professionally Installed Water Softener for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

If you’re a homeowner in the San Antonio area, it’s practically a given that you need a home water softener. The groundwater in this part of Texas has high concentrations of dissolved minerals, a characteristic that is commonly described as hard water. And that groundwater is the region’s primary source of water. Whether your home receives municipally treated water or taps into a private well, chances are the water you depend on for everyday needs has a high degree of hardness.

Why Is Hard Water a Problem?

Many people start researching their options for a home water softener because they’re fed up with trying to scrub stubborn limescale residue from their sinks, showers, and tubs. This is only one of the many nuisance effects of hard water, but there are more important reasons to invest in a home water softener. Over time, the minerals in hard water can build up in your home’s plumbing and lead to the need for costly repairs. Hard water also forces your water heater and other water-using appliances to work harder, thus driving up your energy bills and potentially causing your appliances to break down prematurely.

Home Water Softener Installation Is Not a DIY Job

Although there are water softening systems being sold to homeowners who want to do their own installation or hire a handyman for the job, the truth is that proper installation of an effective home water softening unit is a task for professionals. To get the reliable results you’re looking for, you need trained technicians with a background in plumbing to install your system safely and properly. It’s not uncommon for untrained installers to cause extensive damage because they make a mistake when trying to install a home water softener.

Turn to Sweetwater Home Services for Premium Products & Installation Expertise

Sweetwater Home Services is a residential water treatment company that’s been serving homeowners in Central Texas since 1987. We install some of the most effective and longest-lasting water softening units on the market, and all of our installers are certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) or carry a journeyman’s or master plumber’s license.

Our services start with a complimentary in-home water test. To schedule testing at your home in the San Antonio area or to learn more about Sweetwater Home Services, contact us today.

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