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What’s the Best Water Filtration System for Your Home in San Antonio, TX?

Many residents of the San Antonio area are unhappy with the water that flows through their homes, but they’re not sure which type of water treatment solution would best address their problems. If you’re one of these homeowners, you may be wondering whether you’d benefit from having a water filtration system installed in your home. If your water is discolored or tastes bad, you may be concerned about whether it’s safe to drink. And even if you’re receiving municipally treated water that meets government health standards for human consumption, you may have noticed some impurities that make your water less than satisfactory. Below are a few common problems that homeowners often worry about:

  • Iron stains on sinks or an annoying smell of chlorine – These are only two of the problems that can be solved with a problem-solving water filtration system.
  • Chalky spots on dishes after washing or a crusty buildup on faucets – These are signs that your water has a high dissolved mineral content, which calls for installation of a water softener. Left unchecked, hard water can clog plumbing and lead to the need for premature replacement of water-using appliances.
  • Poor-tasting drinking water – If you find yourself buying bottled water to drink, and you also prefer using it for cooking and in preparing coffee and tea, you may be in need of a water purification system for your home.

The best way to find out whether you need a home water filtration system, a water purifier, a water softener, or some combination of water treatment solutions is to have your water tested by knowledgeable professionals who are familiar with the types of water problems homeowners face in this area. Fortunately, Sweetwater Home Services has been providing expert residential water treatment solutions in Central Texas since 1987. What’s more, we’ll be happy to test the water from your kitchen tap free of charge, right in your home in the San Antonio area. Once your water has been tested, we’ll discuss the results with you and recommend the best solutions to address the specific problems you’re experiencing with your water.

For more information and to request your complimentary in-home water test, contact Sweetwater Home Services today.

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