pure and gentle 1Since the beginning of time, nature has proven that there is a reason for keeping it real setting the foundation through simplicity. This slow evolution builds, integrity, longevity, and credibility for trust. Think about it? How often do we always go back to nature, to just simply reset our minds? We do this so it will bring us back to the basics for gaining clarity and focus, thus creating a solid foundation of trusting ourselves in any new venture or simply troubleshooting some of life’s challenges!

• Climate Leader Status
• Recipient of the Champion Safe Detergent Initiative Award
• Award from the State of Texas for Over 20 Years of Environmental Stewardship

Why is this important? Because, you are truly getting to reap the benefits as a citizen of  Texas, United States, and Mother Earth! This mission in maintaining both the ethical and environmental holistic business practices is cementing the foundation, but to get more specific, here are 3 excellent reasons, of why Pure-n-Gentle products benefit you:

Social Consciousness Carbon Free Footprint. What this means for you? Short term: you immediately, can have peace of mind you are in fact using non-toxic ingredients, which aids to minimizing ailments due to toxins, poisons in our everyday lives; long-term: our children and future generations have a much stronger chance of living in a much healthier world, by the practice and mindfulness of minimizing pollution. Check out Pure~n~Gentle’s track record here

Research and development: Understanding the importance of time, allowed more for the perfection of Ingredients which included dye-free formulas. This focus developed and fine-tuned it down to:

pure and gentle 3

  • Non-Toxic
  • Ultra-Concentrate
  • No Volatile Organics
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No Chemical Preservatives
  • Made in a Carbon Neutral Facility
  • Verified cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny
  • No animal products and no animal testing.
  • Dye-Free Formulas


Homegrown and proud Texan company: The convenience of reordering with two authentically eco-friendly companies, which understand the bigger picture, of getting all of the good stuff with none of the bad, while also being kind to your skin, home, pets, and environment! Yep, including 100% satisfaction guaranteed y’all! 😉  

Get to know them a little better, watch the video below!

Lastly, if you happen to be a Sweetwater Home Service customer, you’re in the “in” circle. This means you again get to benefit on any of a full supply of all your Pure-N-Gentle soap products you received through your original purchase, replenished at wholesale!  Be sure to call any of Sweetwater Home Service’s  offices to get your supply replenished!