Last year, Sweetwater Home Services began researching and contributing to the education of toxic, detrimental, long-term, intrinsic effects to our regional, national and global water sharing/pooling/ contaminations.  Each year, we want to hit this topic as it is dear and close to us, as your local experts on water filtration and purification.   Granted we offer a premium and proactive way to purifying your water, using more immediate methods, but are you also contributing in other preventative ways, to help decrease the toxins in water, that even local municipalities, cannot rid of certain drugs and chemicals?

Three points and a solution:

1. Water Treatment Plants Aren’t Designed To Remove Drugs:  Did you know water treatment plants cannot fully eliminate certain chemicals i.e., hormonal replacements, anti-depressants, caffeine and over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol, anti-seizure medications, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory, antihistamines, medications. The EPA claims that no municipal water treatment plants in the US are built specifically to remove these chemicals. They were not built for this specific purpose and this is a growing problem!

2. Ecological Snowball of Pharmaceuticals –   Yep.  This is big. And it should not be taken lightly any longer. There’s no doubt that it is tempting to get rid of pills by ‘rushing to flush’ them down the toilet, and practicing that old adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind’, which usually is a great idea, however, with this particular issue, there are FLAWS which have serious repercussions– they are coming back full circle, now we reaping the effects on a massive global scale. What goes around, comes around,  and in our food supply; meat and vegetables, our oceans, our drinking water, we are all getting contaminated whether you want to accept the facts or not.  Aren’t you glad you invested in a Reverse Osmosis system and/or a whole home water system!?  We’re betting “yes”, but this does not let you off the hook, it is still important to understand why you need to contribute to the change. Acting on this change will not only be helping our more immediate generation but our near future generations, and there is no longer time to waste.  Sure,  it might be inconvenient initially, but it is a WORTHY good habit to master for all of our sakes.

3. Water Contamination is an Expensive Problem – A conservative estimate of $150 billion was made by the EPA for drinking water systems across the USA alone, this is over a period of 20 years just to keep our drinking water clean and safe.  This was in 2004!  Now with the growing evidence of pharmaceutical contamination, and the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has prompted a new assessment of a total of serious updates, and this was only to replace the lead service pipes! EPA’s latest survey estimated the entire sector needs $385 billion in water infrastructure improvements through 2030, and this estimate includes the costs to only partially replace lead pipes, according to the rating agency. This was not even adding updates to eliminate pharmaceuticals and you can bet, we are looking at a much higher estimate! This WILL affect your wallet in terms of higher taxes and utility bills!

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4. Solution: What to Do with Drugs Instead of Flushing – Find a Take-Back Program!

Because we’re passionate about providing quality water, air, and hope, we sharing some very useful tools to assist you.  Below are links to help you find your nearest locations for a Take-Back Program.  If you are not able to locate one close to you, contact your local Police Station and ask if they accept unused pharmaceuticals.

By working together, we will have a higher chance at preventing our water supply from being contaminated by drugs. We still encourage you to do your own research on your drinking water to protect yourself and your family and remember, if you haven’t had a chance to get your own whole-home water purification system or reverse osmosis, you can contact our water experts to get your FREE home water analysis!

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