comic-water-filterWater Filters:  Keeping it real!

Drinking water safety is a top concern for our customers. Whether your concern is reducing harmful cysts, chemicals, bacteria, or simply providing better tasting water, RainSoft has designed and certified their products to meet or exceed industry standards.

When it comes to the quality of your drinking water, the only way for a consumer to ensure their product is safe to use and can effectively remove contaminants in water is to have the product certified. For many years RainSoft has had an ongoing relationship with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to provide testing that validates the manufacturer claims of contaminant removal. They employ a staff of expert toxicologist, chemist, engineers, and microbiologists to thoroughly test the RainSoft Reverse Osmosis system and provide assurance the product will perform as promised.

When it comes time to replace your filters it again only makes sense to utilized RainSoft branded replacement filters. First, these filters are proprietary to the RainSoft product. Other companies may try to sell you on the fact their filters will fit our system but that is not true. An aftermarket filter will not seal inside the system and raw water will bleed past the filters. Second, these filters are touted to be less expensive and there is a valid reason. They have never been certified for contaminating removal. The end result is what sounded like a good deal just compromised your drinking water.

The RainSoft Ultrefiner II-FMV is one of the few Reverse Osmosis systems on the market which has earned the NFS mark.  This is a mark of distinction that assures RainSoft customers that their product is safe for use and can effectively remove contaminants in water. So, when it’s time to change your filters, insist on the quality you initially invested in, RainSoft branded filters.