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Things to Keep in Mind When Considering the Water Conditioners Available for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio and surrounding parts of Central Texas are notorious for having hard water, so there’s little wonder that a wide variety of water conditioners are marketed to homeowners in this area. Before you invest in a water conditioning system that doesn’t consistently deliver the softened water you need for bathing and washing clothes and dishes, you’ll want to consider these guidelines from Sweetwater Home Services, a longtime residential water treatment company serving this region.

Professional Installation

Although many water conditioners are advertised for the do-it-yourself market, installing a water softener is not really a job for the novice. Most homeowners and even many handymen don’t have the plumbing skills and knowledge about how water conditioners work to properly size and install a water softening unit. This is where Sweetwater Home Services can help. A professional water softener installation by our company will start with a test of the water in your home to determine how much dissolved calcium and magnesium – the minerals that cause hard water – are in your water. We’ll also consider the number of people in your household and other factors to determine the proper size for your water softening system. Plus, our technicians are trained to properly install our water conditioners so that there’s no damage to your plumbing or water heater.

A Water Softener with a Proven Track Record

Even the best installation won’t lead to the softened water you need for your home if the system itself isn’t effective. The water conditioners we install are manufactured by one of the nation’s leaders in the water softening industry. They’re also Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, so you can have confidence that they meet industry standards and will perform as advertised. Our water conditioners are also backed by an impressive Limited Lifetime Warranty, as well as a three-year labor warranty from our company.

Contact Sweetwater Home Services today to schedule a complimentary water test at your home in San Antonio or a neighboring community. Then one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will discuss the results with you and recommend the ideal water softening solution to meet your needs.

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