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What Type of Water Filter Is Best for Homes in the San Antonio, TX, Area?

So you’re unhappy with the water you’re receiving in your home in the San Antonio area and you’re wondering which water filter you can buy to make it better. Unfortunately, there’s no cut-and-dried answer to that question. The best water quality solution for your home may be different from another home in the Central Texas region, depending on the type of problems you’re experiencing. For example:

  • Is your water displaying a troublesome color or floating particles?
  • Does it smell and taste like rotten eggs?
  • Is it leaving a stubborn residue on dishes, no matter how many times you wash them?

The answers to questions like these can provide clues as to which water filter or other treatment might work best for your home. However, the only way to know for sure what’s in your water that’s causing problems is with a water analysis performed by water quality experts. Fortunately, Sweetwater Home Services is a longtime residential water treatment company that’s happy to provide San Antonio homeowners with a complimentary in-home water analysis. Then, using the results of your water test, we’ll be able to provide you with the most effective and reliable water treatment systems to meet your specific needs.

Types of Water Treatment Systems We Install

Whole-House Water Filter Systems

If your water is leaving rust-colored stains in your sinks and tubs or it has a strong sulfur or chlorine odor, a whole-house water filtration system may be the ideal solution for your home.

Under-the-Sink Water Filter Systems

If you want crisp, refreshing water that rivals the taste of bottled water, we can install a water purification system under your kitchen sink to deliver delicious water every time you turn on the tap.

Water Softener Systems

If you’re experiencing the effects of hard water – including chalky spots on your dishes and a stubborn soap scum on your shower and tub – the solution you need is a professionally installed water softening system.

The first step toward identifying the water filter that’s best for you is to schedule your complimentary in-home water test anywhere in the San Antonio area. Contact Sweetwater Home Services today to get started.

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