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Water Filtration Systems for Homes in the Rio Grande Valley, TX

If you’re like many homeowners in the Rio Grande Valley, you’re unhappy with your water but you don’t know why the quality is poor. Even if you’re receiving municipally treated water, there’s a good chance that it smells bad, leaves a film on your dishes, and doesn’t taste like anything you want to drink. This is because municipal water treatment is designed to ensure that the water in your home is safe to drink and bathe in—not necessarily ideal. In fact, the chemicals used in the disinfection process may themselves cause water quality issues, and municipal water filtration systems typically do nothing to address the problems caused by hard water.

This is why so many homeowners in the Central Texas region invest in home water filtration systems. At Sweetwater Home Services, we’ve been tackling water quality issues for homeowners in this region since 1987, and we offer a full slate of water treatment solutions designed to transform problem water into water that looks, smells, and tastes the way you want it to. Here are only a few of our products that can improve the water in your home:

Drinking Water Purifier

With one of our under-the-sink water filtration systems inconspicuously installed under your kitchen sink, you’ll be able to enjoy great-tasting water straight from the tap.

Whole-House Water Filtration System

If you have problems with iron stains in your sinks and tub, or your tap water has a strong odor of sulfur or chlorine, we can install a whole-house water filtration system that will eliminate those problems.

Whole-House Water Softening System

Hard water is one of the most common homeowner complaints, but there’s no hard water problem that can’t be tamed by Sweetwater Home Services! We have several sophisticated water softening systems you can choose from.

Our water treatment services start with a free in-home water test to determine exactly what’s in your water that’s causing problems. Then we can guide you toward the best water filtration systems to meet your needs. Contact Sweetwater Home Services today to schedule testing at your home in the Rio Grande Valley.

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