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Water Softener Company Round Rock TX

If you’re a Round Rock homeowner who would like to team up with a water softener company that has a proven track record for taming hard water in the Central Texas area, look no further than Sweetwater Home Services. We’ve been outfitting homes in this region with reliable and long-lasting water treatment systems since our founding in 1987. During that time, we’ve maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and racked up hundreds of glowing reviews from our customers.

How Working With a Top Water Softener Company Will Impact Your Home

If you’re on this page, it stands to reason that you’re currently dealing with issues regarding your home’s water quality. One of the main problems homeowners experience is hard water, which is characterized as water with high levels of mineral ions (most commonly calcium and magnesium, though iron and aluminum can be present in some areas). The presence of these hard ions can make for a weird, filmy feeling when you wash your hands, as the soap reacts with calcium to form soap scum. Not only that, hard water can also cause mineral stains on your clothes when they go through the washer and leave spots on your dishes after they run through the dishwasher. And perhaps the most annoying effect of hard water is that it can lower the water pressure inside your home.

So, how can a water softener fix all of these problems? When you partner with a company offering the best water softener systems on the market, it’s easy. These systems pull your home’s water supply into a mineral tank, where high-grade ion exchange resins trap and hold the hard ions. From there, the hard ions are released from the resin by backwashing with softer ions—sodium and potassium—during a regeneration cycle. And when that process is complete, the treated water is released into your house. At that point, you can say goodbye to all of those pesky problems caused by hard water. Instead, say hello to cleaner and softer clothes, healthier skin and hair, and spotless dishes!

What Makes Us the Right Water Softener Company to Partner With?

Our dedication to providing excellent customer service is one of the reasons why we’ve become the region’s go-to company for professional water softener installation and other water quality solutions. Here are a few additional reasons:

Top-Quality Products

We offer only premium water softeners from a leading manufacturer that submits all of its products to testing by third-party, independent industry experts, and all of its water treatment systems have been certified as effective. What’s more, they’re built to last and backed by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty to provide you with additional peace of mind.

Customization Options

Every home is unique, and so are the needs and preferences of its occupants. At Sweetwater Home Services, we install water softeners in a variety of configurations and with a number of performance options, including advanced computerized systems for the ultimate in convenience.

Installation Expertise

The water softener you purchase from any company will function as intended only if it’s properly installed. For this reason, when you partner with Sweetwater Home Services, your new water softener will be expertly installed by highly trained professionals that are either licensed plumbers or have been certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Free In-Home Water Testing

One of the best reasons to partner with our water softener company is that our services start with a free in-home water test to pinpoint the source of any water quality problems in your Round Rock, TX, home. Contact Sweetwater Home Services today for more information.

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