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What Does Hard Water Do to Your Hair?

Water that has high concentrations of calcium and magnesium is commonly referred to as “hard water.” If you live in the San Antonio, Texas, area, there’s an excellent chance that your home receives hard water, even if your water comes from a municipally treated source. This is because hard water is considered safe to drink and bathe in, so municipal treatments don’t target the naturally occurring minerals that define hard water.

However, just because hard water doesn’t pose a threat to your health doesn’t mean it won’t wreak havoc with your hair. One of the most common complaints about hard water involves the adverse effects it has on hair. Although the specific effects can vary depending on the pH level of your hair and the hair products you use, many experts generally agree that washing your hair in hard water can:

  • Cause it to become dry and brittle with a dull appearance
  • Promote tangles that are difficult to comb out
  • Lead to premature fading or discoloration if it’s dyed

What’s the Best Way to Fix the Problems Caused by Hard Water?

You could try some home remedies like an apple cider vinegar rinse to remove scaly buildup on your hair, but many people don’t want to bother with this smelly and time-consuming approach, and the results are often disappointing. What’s more, the negative effects of hard water go far beyond the problems you’re experiencing with your hair. Just as the minerals in hard water create a scaly buildup on your hair, they can, over time, also accumulate and create clogs in your plumbing. And this can lead to the need for costly repairs.

For San Antonio homeowners, a reliable and effective water softening system expertly installed by Sweetwater Home Services is the best solution. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the industry-leading water softeners we install and provide a free in-home water analysis that can help identify the best water treatment solutions for your water quality problems. Contact us today to get started.

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