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Can You Drink Hard Water?

When newcomers put down roots in Central Texas, one of the first things they’re likely to discover is the prevalence of hard water. This part of the Lone Star State has some of the hardest water in the country, as defined by the high concentrations of dissolved minerals – namely, calcium and magnesium – that are found in the groundwater that supplies many homes in Austin and surrounding communities. This is a natural result of water flowing through the region’s calcium-rich limestone aquifers. However, it’s also natural for many Texas residents to wonder about the adverse effects of this phenomenon, starting with the most pressing question: Is it safe to drink hard water?

The simple answer is yes. Research studies have turned up no health risks for humans or their pets who drink hard water. However, that’s not to say that hard water doesn’t pose some significant risks for your wallet. Here are a few of them:

  • Limescale buildup in plumbing – When calcium and magnesium bind together, they can create a crusty scale that sticks to pipes and, over time, blocks the free flow of water. This can lead to low water pressure and potentially corroded pipes that may require costly repairs or replacement.
  • Higher energy bills – The limescale buildup that can damage pipes can also make it harder for your water heater to do its job. Experts estimate that hard water can reduce the efficiency of a water heater by almost 40 percent. As your water heater works harder to produce the hot water you depend on for bathing and washing clothes and dishes, your energy bills may increase by as much as 25 percent.
  • Premature appliance replacement – Hard water is likely to take its toll on all water-using appliances in your home, including the dishwasher and washing machine. As these appliances work harder to overcome the effects of hard water, premature breakdown can occur. This means you may be faced with costly repairs or replacement.

Fortunately for homeowners in Austin, there’s a reliable company to turn to for professional installation of a top-quality water softener that can tame even the hardest water: Sweetwater Home Services. We’ve been serving homeowners in this area since 1987, and we’re highly familiar with all types of water quality problems that local residents experience, whether they’re receiving municipally treated water or they depend on a private well.

To learn more about our water softener installation and other services, contact Sweetwater Home Services today.

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